Talia DiPietro, LCSW

Learn to recover your sense of well-being by tapping into your strengths, letting go of unhelpful patterns, and cultivating self-compassion and habits that make sense in your life. I will help you find your best self.


What are your credentials and experience? I am a licensed psychotherapist and LCSW in both New York and Pennsylvania. Having received my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University, I have provided therapy and support services in private practice, schools, mental health clinics, and non-profit agencies serving families. I also have experience supervising and training other therapists and graduate-level interns in clinical social work.

Post-Graduate Professional Development/Training:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with the Penn Program for Mindfulness

  • Utilizing Mindfulness Practice in the Therapy Setting

  • Neuro-Science Informed Treatment for Anxiety, Panic and Worry

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

  • Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

  • Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency (ARC) Treatment: for youth and families with complex trauma

Professional Experience:

  • Private psychotherapy practice, Greater NYC Area and Philadelphia, PA from 2014 - present

  • Clinical Supervisor, promoted from Bilingual Psychotherapist, Safe Horizon Counseling Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Bilingual Clinical Social Worker, FEGS Manhattan Counseling Center, New York, NY

  • Clinical Social Worker, Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, New York, NY

  • Social Worker, LYFE Program, Long Island City High School, Queens, NY

  • Counselor, Women In Need, Inc., New York, NY

So, you work with trauma; how exactly can you help?  I can help you in your healing process by working with you to recover your sense of well-being. Maybe you're having trouble managing emotional or physical reactions while trying to make sense of your past experiences. These are normal and expected after experiencing trauma. In our work, you will learn:

  • Grounding, mindfulness and stress management skills

  • To use your strengths to cope with overwhelming emotions, memories, and physical responses

  • How your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact each other

  • How to let go of unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors

  • To practice self-compassion

What if I want to learn the above-mentioned skills but I haven't experienced a specific traumatic event? We have all had profound and affecting experiences from which we need to heal. I recognize that you are a unique individual, and I will treat you with that respect by helping you learn the skills that make sense in your own life. Together, we will find useful and effective solutions for you.

How do I know if you're the right therapist for me? The only way to know is to sit in a room together, and see what it feels like to talk to me. It's very much your right to "shop around" and find the correct match for you. That said, you might participate in therapy with me if you're experiencing: 

  • anxiety and/or difficulty managing stress

  • overwhelming physical and/or emotional reactions experienced by survivors of childhood abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual assault, or rape

  • stress or insecurity around parenting and maintaining your personal identity

  • a difficult life transition

  • challenges related to pregnancy, fertility, and/or new parenthood

  • relationship issues

  • a belief or interest in mindfulness and the mind-body connection

  • a desire to recognize or re-affirm your strengths and/or to get "unstuck"

Session Information: The initial consultation is 60 minutes, and is an important step in deciding if we are the best match for therapy. We can speak briefly over the phone before you come in, but I believe that it's most helpful to sit in a room together so you may determine your comfort level. I offer 50 minute individual sessions. Sessions are usually on a weekly basis.

48-hour Cancellation Policy: Your weekly appointment is reserved for you in advance to ensure that you have a consistent and continuous experience in treatment. Therefore, there is a full-fee charge for missed or broken appointments with less than 48-hours notice. 

Rates: My rate is $175 for individual sessions. If there is financial hardship, I'll work with you to find a reasonable solution, and a reduced rate can be arranged if appropriate. Payment is due at the time of each appointment, and I accept cash, checks, and Apple Pay/credit cards. 

Insurance: I am a provider with Anthem EAP services, and an out-of-network provider with most insurance plans. As you may be eligible for reimbursement for each session, it's best to contact your insurance provider for information about your plan. Please contact me with questions; I can walk you through this as it can be confusing! Some helpful questions include:

  • What is my reimbursement rate for a therapist in zip code 10538 with a fee of $175 for CPT Code 90834?

  • Do I have a deductible for behavioral health services? How much is it and has it been met?

  • Do I need a referral from my primary care provider?

  • How many sessions per year are covered?

  • Where do I send the claims for reimbursement/in order to be reimbursed?

I'll provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement. You will be required to pay for therapy at the time of the appointment and then get reimbursed by your insurance provider.