Talia DiPietro, LCSW

Learn to recover your sense of well-being by tapping into your strengths, letting go of unhelpful patterns, and cultivating habits that make sense in your life. I will help you find your best self.

We all have times in our lives that feel particularly overwhelming. In these situations, it’s natural to have strong reactions and emotions that are difficult to manage. I believe that we are much more complex than a collection of symptoms. Just like any other endeavor, we have to actually practice caring for ourselves in order to feel well, balanced and happy. I can help you develop this practice and start feeling betterI provide a safe space and an outside perspective, and I will support you in becoming more aware of your patterns and coping skills. My style is collaborative and accessible, often using the helpful tool of mindfulness practice, and in our work you'll find encouragement and clear communication.

As a licensed psychotherapist in both Pennsylvania and New York, I have provided therapy since 2009, and have been working in social work since 2005.  I have two locations in Philadelphia, in Fairmount and in Center City/Rittenhouse area. I work with adults, children and their caregivers.

Working with adults: My approach to our work keeps YOU in mind: you are a whole person with a unique set of experiences that have made you who you are, and we will draw from these experiences and the strengths you already possess to help you evolve. I work with anxiety, the challenges of pregnancy and new parenthood, trauma, difficult life transitions. and the experience of depression. I am committed to helping survivors of sexual abuse, rape, or interpersonal violence heal from past experiences, and have a specialty in the treatment of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I've received training in psychodynamic and insight-oriented therapies, as well as in evidence-based models of treatment, and believe in the helpful nature of using cognitive behavioral methods to support the work we'll do together. Of course, these practices will be uniquely suited to you and what makes sense in your particular life and circumstances.

I will first help you determine whether you could benefit from short-term focused support or more in-depth investigation of deep-rooted patterns. Regardless, I will help you find solutions that best meet your needs, and you will come away from therapy with specific skills to be able to move through life feeling more centered.

Working with children: I specialize in helping children process traumatic experiences, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. My approach to our work involves a combination of play and structured activities. These planned activities help children build a vocabulary for their trauma, as well as for their thoughts and emotions, so that they may better express themselves. As children often express feelings/beliefs and reenact trauma through play, I utilize therapeutic play as one method of processing experiences so children feel heard, supported and ultimately able to heal. I also provide education and support to both children and their caregivers in dealing with trauma reactions and distress tolerance. Lastly, I help children build skills to manage strong emotions, thoughts, and memories. 

I’ve worked with a range of children, from three year olds to young adults. I’ve been privileged to be able to support and witness the healing of many of my clients. Because of these experiences, I fully believe in children’s resiliency and ability to establish healthy bonds and boundaries, and to move forward in their lives with solid coping skills. 

I believe that all effective work with children includes the consistent involvement of caregivers. In our work, the caregiver and I will also meet weekly to build trust and communication, so that we may work as a team to find the best possible solutions for your child’s needs. I provide feedback, support, and ideas for effective methods of communicating with your child, how to interpret your child’s behaviors, and how to help your child function at his/her full potential. 

If you are interested in learning more about my education and training, please view the FAQ section of the site.